Welcome to kabuto bio farm LLC.

We are developing and operating a facility that generates methane gas to generate electricity and compost at the same time, using the feces of about 3,000 dairy and beef cows raised on reclaimed land in Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture.


Concluded the pact on maintenance of biogas power generation facilities March 3, 2021

Notice of bid announcement February 21, 2022

About a bid result March 11, 2022

Notice of bid announcement May 31, 2023

Notice of bid announcement June 29, 2023

About a bid result August 1, 2023

Company Name Kabutobiofarm LLC.

Head office   1-4-19 Minamimorimachi,Kita-ku,Osaka-shi

TEL/FAX    06-6361-6454/06-6361-6948

Representative Job executor Hiroaki Mori

Established    March 15, 2019

Capital     \120,000

Kasaoka office  7-20 Chuo-cho, Kasaoka-shi

URL     http://www.kabutobiofarm.com